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Geometric beauty. The recurrent patterns of Domus have been printed with a satin coating. This finish imbues the finished paper with a superb sheen and creates the subtle illusion of relief. This wallpaper is made of real metal foil. During production, the metal foil goes through an intensive process that was developed especially for this collection. It is coloured in such a way that the wallpaper takes on the nuances of an authentic metal look. Finally, the patterns are embossed and finished with a thin layer of satin paint or glass beads. It is normal that the glass beads that do not touch the adhesive layer, come loose. This has no impact on the final result. The glass beads in the adhesive layer adhere firmly and form the pattern.

Details +

Brand Name Arte Wallpaper
Collection Metal X Signum
Colour 37610, 37611, 37612, 37613, 37614, 37615
Design Style Modern Contemporary
Pattern Motif
Composition Back - Non-Woven, Paste The Wall Front -100% Glass
Match Straight Match
Vertical Pattern Repeat 12.8Cm
Width 90Cm
Sold By Metre
Availability Due in 5-7 Days.Order Now!
Delivery Due in 5-7 Days.Order Now!

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