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We are passionate about our customers, We embrace and promote global diversity in product and people.

Sometimes the best things happen over a cup of tea!

Sometimes the best things happen over a cup of tea!

In our case, that’s exactly how the collaboration that was to become Inspiry began. Interior designer Corrine Mossop and Martin Craig, whose family business background centered around construction and retirement villages, decided to share their experience, their expertise and their enthusiasm to found a distinctive new business based on their joint inspiration.

Inspiry was the result, with the goal of inspiring a broad range of clients with globally-sourced products for the home from around the globe. The two innovative entrepreneurs share a history of family friendship that spans the past 60 years; their new company formed in 2018, is founded on strong family values, stemming from a belief in the comforts of home, good design and based on a love of home and ethical business practices.

Inspiry Diverse Range and Culture

Each has an expertise that complements the other. Corrine is the primary creative specialist, with an eye for design and a passion for products that embody the good life. Martin’s focus is directed toward an overview of the operations & business affairs of the organisation. They both reside in Tauranga, New Zealand, but the company caters to clients in both New Zealand and Australia.

At Inspiry, we understand that it is sometimes easy to get sidetracked by “the noise” of new ideas in the design world. Our company boasts an e-commerce team of more than 20 people, in addition to a worldwide supply team. Products from around the world are available to enliven your home and enrich your life. A heady mix of designer furnishings and accessories is supplied and shipped directly from exotic markets in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and China — a truly international mix of design inspiration for wallpaper and fabric, mirrors, rugs, lighting, art, homeware and decorative decor.

Furniture Range

Furniture is another major category of Inspiry’s growing business, with free shipping on many items, and availability in as little as seven to ten days. New items are added regularly. Unique kitchenware and dining accessories are also featured in Inspiry’s online catalogue. In addition, we offer design services to inform your selections and help you coordinate the decor and expand the function of your interiors.

This is a company that will help you hone your preferences, find your unique style, and gain confidence in your choices, no matter what your personal vision may be. We invite you to browse our pages for inspiration, and then contact our team to expand your world by exploring our global marketplace.

From an idea born over a cup of tea shared by lifelong friends to a sophisticated business enterprise with a story that continues to surprise and inspire even its founders -- that's what Inspiry represents.

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